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Welcome to New Perspectives Counselling

New Perspectives Counselling is an organization that strives to help you work toward the person you want to be. Change can be difficult and while we can not change difficult situations that have already occurred, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life while moving forward. With our skilled therapists, finding a “good fit” is just a phone call away. By applying an integrative approach coupled with supportive techniques, we will expose behavior patterns and negative schemes that may be holding you back from experiencing a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

When you open yourself up to new experiences, great things can happen!

That’s why at New Perspectives Counselling we encourage and guide you through your journey toward being the best YOU you can be. Perhaps you are looking for support being accepting of yourself so you can be more accepting of others, or perhaps you need more effective coping skills for the anxiety and depression you experience. Maybe, you are struggling with some important life decisions and you want a skilled professional to help guide you through the decision making process. Whatever the concern, New Perspectives Counselling is here to offer warm, effective and non-judgemental guidance.

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